The Guru's Teaching of Bharaja

A South Asian inspired 5E Setting

Welcome to Bharaja

From the bustling cities of the Vallean Empire to the sunbaked earth of the Aparadhi Desert, Bharaja is a vast region of magic, monsters and adventure. Dense jungles, forbidden temples, magnificent palaces and treacherous mountains await any adventurer brave (or foolhardy) enough to explore the many and diverse cultures and kingdoms that span the country.

Bharaja is many millennia old, and the contemporary kingdoms and cultures that exist in the region today reflect this storied past. Some are hundreds of years old, whilst others are are in their adolescence. Some are as strong as ever, whilst others seem to be on the brink of collapse. Politics across the country is fractured, ongoing wars and conquests are aplenty, and there is a dark threat from the north growing in strength.

The myths and legends of the region intermingle with history to such an extent that even the most learned of scholars often struggle to distinguish fact from fairy tale. These stories of old frequently recount the epic adventures of heroes doing the work of the gods. Some scholars and holy men claim these ancient heroes are in-fact the gods themselves taking mortal forms. These godly avatars are sometimes worshiped in their own right across the continent.

Heroes and avatars are frequently said to have wielded magical weapons and artefacts of phenomenal power. Some believe these artefacts truly exist and remain scattered across the land waiting for the next hero to find them…

Who Are We And Why Did We Created This World?

We are Diadamo Publishing.

An independent publishing company founded by a group of friends who sought something a little bit different in the setting of our tabletop RPGs. Traditionally, the genre of fantasy tabletop RPGs has been very Euro-centric or Tolkien-esque, and we we seek to break the mould by finding inspiration from South Asia to create a truly unique fictional world.

Over the last two years, we have focused our efforts on creating a fantastical version of South Asia called Bharaja; the largest country within the wider continent of Azea. It includes a pantheon of Gods, 10 empires (each with their own separate narratives, places of interest, and people of interest) and a plethora of monsters & magical items that players could come across in their stories. Bharaja and its many facets draw inspiration from over 5000 years worth of South Asian, particularly Indian, history starting from the year 3330 BCE through to modern day.

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Take a look through some of the races, subclasses, empires, gods, monsters and magical items you can expect to find in the world of Bharaja

We Need Your Support!

Our end goal is to create a fully fledged sourcebook to be made available for purchase in both printed and digital formats. For that to be achieved, we need artwork to bring our world to life… and lots of it! Therefore, we need to recruit talented artists to produce the following Illustrations:

• Front Cover (Full Page)
• 4/5 Chapter Covers (Full Page)
• 1x World Map (Full Page)
• 1x Magic Item per page of magic items (10 Individual Pieces)
• 1x full body portrait of each race
• 1x depiction of each God’s holy symbol
• Other assorted doodles to fill out the book

Coming soon...

If you like the sound of our world, help us reach our goal and consider pledging to our upcoming Kickstarter. Any support that you able to provide is thankfully and greatly appreciated!

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